Miss Pretty Posh

Miss Pretty Posh awaits your visit to Penguaro's Exceptional Cards & Fine Writing Papers

 Thanks, Abbie, for your help with this one! 


First Christian Church of Tulsa,

Dr. Zoolittle

This doctor is in front of Southern Hills Veterinary Hospital.
Check out the cuties in his pockets!

It Must be something I Ate (FKA)

This is what he originally looked like.
Here he is today, all dressed up with no place to go. :)



Another Well-Cared for Bird

Willie P., The Wild One

Still in pristine condition! No one messes with a biker bird!


Located on the OU Campus next to the bookstore and just around the bend from the Bison!



Peddy Peagle

Father Vic-Guin

Buddy the Penguin

A Coat of a Different Color

Pride or Freedom

Repainted from the Original
 According to the Penguins on Parade book, two penguins which look very similar are named Pride and Freedom.  We're not sure which one this is.

Air Time

Spirit of Oklahoma FKA Express Success

Repainted from the Original

Black, White, and Read All Over

This guy is inside the library, making it more difficult for vandals to steal him, which unfortunately makes it harder to find (both if they are inside and if they are stolen)!


This one is outside, next to the Library


Stella the Stewardess

Sponsor: Barnard Dunkelberg and Co

Officer Justice

Runner Penguin FKA Penguin Knight

Our research shows this penguin went from Knight to Runner